The Two Sides of Natural Wormer for Cats


With more and more pet owners becoming mindful and cautious about the ingredients in the products they buy for their cats, natural remedies are becoming "in." These days, it's no longer uncommon to see natural treatments for every pet health problem imaginable. From stress anxiety to flea infestation, many people are now seeking alternative methods to treat the different problems that plague their feline friends. The Pros The same goes for getting rid of parasitic worms. Rather than buying prescription wormers, some pet owners choose to go with herbal remedies because of their perceived advantages. One of these is that unlike commercialized and conventional wormers, natural wormers don't use synthetic ingredients that may have harmful effects on cats. For this reason, natural wormers are often considered safe. Another reason some pet owners prefer natural wormers is because they are cheaper than conventional ones. But there are always two sides to every story, which means that natural wormers are not all that they are claimed to be. The Cons alternativetreatment.jpgThe demand for natural wormers hinges on the perception that alternative treatments are safer than conventional ones. But the truth is that natural wormers are not always safe. This is because some of them may contain substances or chemicals that are poisonous to animals. One example would be wormwood, which contains tannins and volatile oils like thujone that are toxic to cats. Apart from this, most natural wormers that are sold in the market are not regulated. This means that they did not pass tests for potency and purity. As a result, natural wormers may be either unsafe or ineffective because they have not been thoroughly tested and studied. Some of these natural wormers may even bring about side effects especially when used in combination with other drugs. For this reason, it is recommended that pet owners consult a vet first before giving any natural wormer to their cats. Going with the advice of a professional is and will always be the smartest thing to do. If your cat is suffering from worm infestation, don't be quick to rely on natural wormers that are not even guaranteed to be safe and effective. Entrusting your pet's health to a natural remedy is just like entrusting his life to a quack doctor. And that's something you wouldn't do if you really love your pet, would you?