The Aftermath: What Are the Side Effects of Dog Wormers?


Dog wormers get rid of worms found in a dog's intestines. They are chemical-based medications, which contain certain active ingredients that kill different types of worms - roundworms, whipworms, tapeworms and hookworms. Dog wormers come in tablets, spot-ons and liquid suspensions. It is a known fact that wormers are proven effective in getting rid of the parasites, but have you ever wondered if they have side effects? A common fear among dog owners is whether or not their dogs will experience harmful side effects such as diarrhea, skin reactions and the like when they give wormers to their dogs. But here is the good news: there are generally no significant side effects from dog wormers. Even if a few people claim that some dog wormers that contain nitroscanate may cause vomiting, this shouldn't be a major concern because vomiting is a normal sign of worm infestation. But in general, dog wormers including those that contain pyrantel, oxantel, febantel or praziquantel such as Drontal Plus and Canex do not cause vomiting in pets. Veterinarians say that worming medications are the best solution to treat a worm-infested dog. This is because dog wormers undergo effectiveness and safety tests before they are sold in the market. Pet owners, therefore, can be assured that they are helping their dogs get rid of worms through the use of these medications. Nevertheless, if you still have worries about dog wormers and the side effects they may bring, the best thing to do is to consult a veterinarian regarding which products are safe and effective for your pet. After all, it is better to guarantee your pet's ultimate protection against worms rather than to be sorry, isn't it?