Are Natural Dog Wormers Your Best Bet Against Worms?


Dogs, no matter what their age, can get infested by any or all of these worms - roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and whipworms. And pet owners are wary of these intestinal parasites because these worms can do a lot of harm; even at the start of the infestation, your dog may show symptoms that can make his life miserable, but it does not end there. Worms can also cause other diseases. So, it is easy to understand why some pet owners become so meticulous in their search for the most effective wormer for their dogs. Some will even try new ways to rid their pets of these parasites. And there are also some who do not use traditional medications but instead give their pets natural dog wormers and home remedies. Some herbs and plants that are used for home remedies are: garlic, black walnut, pumpkin seeds, oregon grape, oat bran, and wheat-germ oil. These can be given to your dog by mixing them in their food. Other plants and herbs like wormwood, neem, herb of grace and clove (a dried flower bud of Eugenia caryophyllata, an evergreen tree) are active ingredients in herbal wormers. These natural dog wormers could probably provide certain benefits to your pet but they should not be regarded as the cure-all for worms. These herbs also have side effects on dogs so they are not always safe. Besides, herbal remedies are not guaranteed to work all the time. So, it means that the worm infestation might grow worse while the pet owners keep trying different herbs to find the one that can work for their dogs. To treat worms effectively, it is wise to consult a vet. A good reason for this is that before any treatment can be given, your dog's feces must be analyzed by a vet to know which worms are affecting your pet and the severity of the infestation. After the results of the test is known, the vet will be able to recommend the best medication for your dog. These traditional medications do work because they are formulated to target a specific disease and to fit your dog's age and size. So, given a choice between traditional medications and natural dog wormers, which one would you choose?