The Battle Against Fleas: 3 Easy Steps to Get Rid of Fleas in Homes

Do you have a problem with fleas? If you do, then it is most likely you only used flea treatment on your cat or dog. But do you know that getting rid of fleas on your pet alone does not solve the whole flea problem? Experts say that majority of the fleas may be living in or around the house. That is why it is very crucial that you get rid of fleas in all areas of your home.

As a responsible pet owner, you must do all you can to keep your pets free from fleas. A good way to do this is to launch a war against fleas. It involves your 100 % commitment. You should allot a few hours of your time to get into the war zone and start killing fleas.

The following are three easy steps to make your homes flea-free:

Step 1: Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!

First thing to do in the battle against fleas is to clean up the entire house. Vacuum the surroundings, paying a lot of attention to the areas most frequented by pets such as pet beddings or sleeping areas, carpet, and floorboard area. Vacuum also shaded places like corners, under furniture, cracks on the floor and dark crevices which are potential spots where flea eggs and larvae may thrive.

According to estimates, vacuuming can remove as much as 50% of the flea eggs. It can also remove newly hatched fleas even before they jump on your pets! Just don't forget to throw out the vacuum bag right away after each vacuuming to make sure that the fleas don't come crawling back.

Step 2: Wash Carpets and Use Spray Insecticides

Vacuuming does not totally remove all fleas on carpets because flea larvae wrap themselves tightly around carpet fibers. To sanitize carpets then, you need to wash and soak them in hot soapy water or steam clean them. Fleas are heat-sensitive and subjecting them to hot treatment will kill them.

Carpets, rugs, floors and similar surfaces should also be treated with spray insecticides to guarantee flea control.

Step 3: Manage Your Pets

To intensify your battle against fleas, the third step is to apply flea treatments on your pet. Using top-of-the-line spot on products such as Frontline Plus and Advantage, which are applied directly on the skin surface, can kill and prevent fleas from coming back. Giving flea control pills or tablets such as Capstar and Program can also treat flea infestation. Your veterinarian can recommend the right flea treatment for your pet.

The three steps mentioned above are necessary for house flea control treatment. However, like any flea control program, it would not work unless it is done with consistency. Regular maintenance of the home and proper care of your pet are essential for long-lasting effect.

Have you had any similar battle against fleas in your own homes? If you have, what did you do to fight them off?