Landmark for Man's Best Friend

My buddy Sam is making quite a racket, which she calls singing, in the bathroom as she takes her pre-bedtime bath. The snatches I could hear through the din of the shower sound like "Here Comes the Sun", her favorite tune, only she has changed the words to "The walk of fame, the walk of fame, and I say it's all right..." Well, blame this on a dated news article she received from a friend in her email today. That really perked up her curiosity. And when she read it to me, I got curious, too.

When Sam got out of the bathroom she looked at me and said, " Hey, poor doggie, you needn't wait up for me. You look so sleepy." Then she patted my head. I thumped my tail twice, as I always do to say goodnight. One last pat for me and the words, "'Night Spy. Today the walk of fame, tomorrow the world!" Then she began singing again. With that thought and sound ringing in my head, I snoozed off.

Sam has groomed me for this moment - November 5, 2007- but the hubbub in Battersea Park, London still took me by surprise. There were blinding flashbulbs everywhere I looked. Microphones and recorders were thrust in front of me. Television cameras were following my every move. And the crowd was constantly calling my name. As they led me to the bench dedicated to my honor, I held my head high, walked with all the grace I could muster, and tried to acknowledge everyone who wanted my attention. I beamed beside Sam when she received the plaque with the inscription that I was inducted by Sky Movies and the Kennel Club to the first ever permanent Dog Walk Of Fame. I have done my master proud!

While we were walking towards the white limousine which was to take us to our next appointments, Sam whispered to me, "Spy, you're in great company." I saw the benches with the names of Bullseye (Oliver!), Lassie (Lassie Come Home), Toto (The Wizard of Oz), Bobby (Greyfriars Bobby, The True Story of a Dog), Gromit (Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit), Chance & Shadow (Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey), and Fang (Harry Potter films). We are the first "Walk of Famers" voted in by hundreds of film fans and dog lovers.

It was a hectic day. But, as befitting a celebrity, I was pampered. After each appointment, a dog groomer brushed my fur and made sure that no tick nor flea had jumped onto me, checked my teeth, and cleaned my paws. My every whim was granted to offset the exhaustion that may have beset me. In one television interview I was gifted with a doggie goodie bag bursting with treats, collars, toys, beds, pillows, etc. But what really caught my fancy was the portable pet carrier which I know will truly be useful for Sam and me because we like to travel and have fun outdoors.

Our final destination was a studio where my photos were taken for my first product endorsement. Sam accepted this because it is a product that we really use and find effective in controlling ticks and fleas. And she knows that I really don't like these parasites.

The photographer shot many angles of me in varied poses with different props. The advertisers and staff were all praises for my regal bearing, my keen ability to follow instructions, and my photogenic qualities. Now, they told me that they saved the best shoot for last. They wanted me in an action shot to show that without ticks and fleas, a dog can definitely lead an active life. I am to leap when the ball bounces up. I get ready, timing my jump. I was still in midair when the ball bounced down then veered to a standing spotlight. As the spotlight toppled towards me, the people in the studio were shouting "Spy, look out!" But I heard only one voice, Sam's voice saying, "Spy!"

I felt my body shaking. I thought, "Oh no! What has happened? Where is Sam?"

"Spy...," I heard again. I opened my eyes. Sam was bending over me. She said, "Spy, it's time to get up. This is the first time you've overslept." I looked around me, confused. We are not in London? There is no plaque?

"C'mon buddy, eat breakfast then we'll hit the road for our morning run." Sam urged on. Do you mean I just had a... Sam, seemingly hearing my thoughts said, "We got to stop dreaming. Let's see what we can accomplish today. Who knows, it just might be THE one thing that will qualify you to this year's Dog Walk of Fame."