Uno's Big Celebrity Break

One lucky dog. Uno, the beagle who won best in show at the 132nd annual Westminster Dog Show, has been all over the news lately. Since making history as the first of its breed to win the title, he has become America's top dog for 2008.

So how has life changed for Uno? The press demands for him. Pet lovers adore him. And he has become a popular TV guest. Not bad for our good old Snoopy huh? He really has created quite a stir. His handler, Aaron Wilkerson, must be really proud of him.

Just several hours after winning the Westminster title, Uno went on a world media tour, which made him famous in various parts of the globe. I came across an MSNBC report detailing Uno's itinerary on that day and my, my, it was a media frenzy!

Like in true celebrity fashion, the beagle was waited on by a convoy of chauffeur-driven vans outside his hotel, the morning after his win at the Madison Square Gardens. He had his own entourage, which includes his very own publicist. Uno appeared on various TV shows such as the TODAY, the "Early Show" on CBS, and Martha Stewart Show, to name a few. He also received many greetings from fans and well-wishers.

Interestingly, like a hot celebrity who has paparazzi watching his every move, Uno has photographers following his canine lifestyle. Photographers would grab any photo opportunity just to see him eat his food! Even members of the Metropolitan Dog Club, the newest dog club in New York, mobbed Uno just to get photos of the talented pet.

In the beagle's appearance on the set of Mike and Juliet, MSNBC contributor Sandy Robins describes Uno: "Within seconds, the hosts were on their knees and playing with their celebrity guest who wagged his tail and talked directly to the cameras, howling on commands and snuggling up to Wilkerson as if conferring with him."

All this media attention seems overwhelming, but from the looks of it, the beagle is handling it with ease. Uno's a smart one, and he seems a TV natural as well. I think we'll get more surprises from this true celebrity pet as we go along.