Bunnies, What's Up, Doc?

Did you ever want a rabbit for a pet? Rabbits are nice creatures, timid most of the times which is why many parents give them to their kids as pets. But like any other pet, rabbits need their share of care and attention. It doesn't mean that just because they're silent all the time that their needs have been attended to.

The problem with rabbits is that they hardly make any sound. Not even the tiniest squeak. If anything, all they do is sit in a corner of their cage. But take it from the professionals, rabbits are delicate creatures. They may look strong because of their muscled hind legs but in reality, their bones are just too weak for the force their muscles produce. Rabbits may look like they're the best pets for kids but they really require the attention of adults especially if they are to live their life to fruition.

Rabbits are sociable animals but they require space. They like to be touched but probably just for a short period of time. They sleep almost all the time and they're active around dawn and dusk so it's probably safe to play with them during these periods and let them be for the rest of each day. When picking up bunnies, don't do it by pulling them by their ears! They're ears, not handles!And rather than petting them, why not try short strokes on their face, head and back. These are areas where rabbits groom each other so it's likely that they'll find any touch in these zones pleasurable. When it comes to food, you'll never hear them complain about the grass you feed them day to day, but really, they'll appreciate it more when you put in a little more variety in their diet. A little bit of parsley, dandelion greens and carrot tops would do them well and a teaspoon or two of rolled oats, unsalted crackers and dried fruit wouldn't hurt either. Give them water in sipper bottles -less messy and more convenient. Hay, specifically timothy grass, works to keep their digestive system functioning properly. And if you're going to put them in cages, make sure the cages are big enough to give them ample space to hop around in, and please, put some cardboard on the floor so that the bunnies don't get their feet hurt.

Now that you know a little more about taking care of rabbits, don't go into it just yet. Do your research. Learn a little more about rabbits before you get one for yourself or your kids.

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