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Fidos and Felines From Heaven

Isn't it heartwarming to think that while the mist on the window glass turns into water droplets, your pet is cozily slouched on a fluffy couch sleeper?

Waking up to a gray and gloomy morning can be dispiriting. But for a pet owner, a familiar morning meow or a hearty "rufff!"from rover could drive away all fogs and clouds. Sometimes all it takes is a greeting from a cuddly puppy or a charming kitten to brighten up a dreary bedroom and brush away post-snooze haziness and even laziness, though it may be raining cats and dogs outside.

A cold and biting weather is always a good excuse to stay late in bed and lounge around longer. So don't be surprised when one rainy morning your fair-furred pet is not there to deliver the regular wake-up call. No, it's not a question of loyalty but simply a meteorological backlash. Don't blame pets when they wake up late. To bum around longer is everybody's privilege in such a weather.

Raining cats and dogs. I've always wondered how the overused expression came to be. Did the phrase 'raining cats and dogs' just fall from the sky? Well, the rain did obviously. But what do amiable animals have to do with a gruesome weather condition. Weather permitting, the age-old animosity between cats and dogs may have led people to associate the roar and rumble of a heavy downpour with the grumble of a cat and dog duel.

Here are several illuminations to the cloudy history of the phrase. It was supposed to have been coined in England in the 17th century when the streets would be littered with dead animals (which include cats and dogs) after a heavy rain. Likewise, mythology has it that enchantresses and witches often pose as cats as a ticket to ride the wind. Canines, on the other hand, were believed to be stewards to the chief Norse god Odin. Odin is also the god of sailors and storms. These explanations are at best mere speculations on how cats and dogs came to be associated with heavy rain. In 1653, the phrase appeared in the comedy entitled "The City Wit"written by Richard Brome. The line goes: "It shall raine... Dogs and Polecats."

The phrase has somehow drenched the reputation of the animals but it obviously failed to discredit the creatures. Through the years, dogs and cats have become the favorite household pets among animal lovers. As a matter of fact, the dog has become man's best friend for all seasons.

Anyway, the best thing that a pet owner can do when its wringing-wet outside is to make sure that the pets are warm and comfy. A cozy plush mat near the fireplace is a perfect hideaway from the cold draft. A thickly padded fleece pillow bed would be a welcome retreat for their paws from the chilly floors. Isn't it heartwarming to think that while the mist on the window glass turns into water droplets, your pet is cozily slouched on a fluffy couch sleeper? Above all, don't forget to give them a hug and a cuddle.

Laze in bed as long as you want come rainy season. Just don't mistake your pet's lounge bed for yours.