Revolution is a safe and simple way to protect your pet from a range of common parasites. It prevents heartworm disease while treating and controlling fleas (including flea eggs and larvae) and ear mites in both cats and dogs, hookworms and roundworms in cats and sarcoptes mites in dogs. This effective medication is applied to the skin of your pet once a month.

Each tube contains: SELAMECTIN

Directions for use: Depress the cap to puncture the seal, then remove the cap. Part the hair on the back of the animal in front of the shoulder blades until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze the tube to empty its entire contents directly on to the skin.


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Revolution Cat Flea Medicine
Dec 09, 2013

I was recommended Revolution because of my sensitivity to smells and as a person who owns 5 cats, having them all dosed at once creates a strong odor. Also the fact that it dries quickly means that I don't have to deal with not being able to pet them for a couple of days like with our previous medicine. It's more expensive for me, which is why I didn't give it the full five stars, but well worth it for the results.

Incredible product!
Oct 25, 2013

I have been using revolution for dogs AND cats for about 9 years after one my cats had gotten ear mites, It was prescribed by the vet for both my cats so I figured whats good for the cats is good for the dogs, unfortunately i found I could not get get it w/o prescription. So I did some serching and found PET SHED, even though I live in the US, it is totally worth it! these guys are awesomely, incredible, never any issues. if they needed to borrow my first born, I would happily hand him over!!! OH and the product is awesome too.

Works Great
Jun 30, 2013

This product works great my cat hasn't had any problems while using Revolution.

My number one choice!
Jun 04, 2012

I have used this for my cat for a couple years now, and have found it to be the best in my opinion to kill and stop fleas from eating the poor creature. I have a habit of recommending this to people even if they believe their current flea meds is the best thing out their.

The absolute best!
Jan 26, 2012

We've been using Revolution for twelve years now (twelve for our dog and four for our cat). We've never had any problems with worms or mites and have been very pleased with it. I'm happy knowing that my animals are protected by a top-rated medicine, and they're happy because it's so easy to apply. This summer, we toilet-trained the cat, which has been fantastic for us, but has one fallback that I didn't consider - the vet requires a stool sample to get a prescription for Revolution. She's an indoor cat with a phobia of bugs, so I know she's clean, but they refused to help. Rather than derail months of training by putting her back in a litter box, I looked into Pet Shed. The prices were better, the shipping is convenient, I got the same product, and I got complimentary dewormer attached to the box. I won't be buying from my vet's office again!