Why dogs sleep so much and why a good dog bed is so important

Ever wondered why your dog sleeps so much? We look at the reasons that your pet needs to snooze, discover how much sleep a dog really needs and give you some great suggestions on how to improve your dog's sleep with a quality dog bed.

What does your cat REALLY want?

Cats make great pets but their needs can be much more complicated than people realize. If you want to be a perfect pet-owner and give your cat what it really needs, read on and discover our tips.

How to potty train a puppy

Toilet training your new puppy will take time. The most important things to remember are praising him when he gets it right and not punishing him for mistakes. Be patient - it will happen if you give him the right mesasages.

Dealing with cat urine spraying

Inappropriate feline urination can be caused by a number of very different reasons and diseases.

These include behavioral issues, urinary tract problems, and excessive drinking (secondary to a myriad of medical conditions). If you notice your cat leaving little puddles around the house,we recommend that you consult a veterinarian, so they can determine which of these is the cause and can provide appropriate treatment.

Dealing with a dog phobia over noise

Many dogs do not like loud noises, but their reaction usually is only mild. A phobia is an intense, exaggerated response to a situation which an animal perceives as frightening.

Often a noise phobia starts out as a mild dislike of sound, for example, a thunderstorm which scared the dog as a puppy. It can spread to other unrelated noises, even seemingly innocuous ones, such as a door closing!

Dealing with cat fights

In multi-cat households, fighting between your pets is very common. Cats can be territorial and like to share neither their home nor their owner's attention.

Introducing a new cat

When a new cat is introduced into a home with an existing cat, 'slowly, slowly' is the best way to introduce the two. This may take several weeks.

Getting a new playmate for your cat can be a wonderful experience. Or a complete nightmare.

Cat and dog behavior

While everyone adores a well-mannered pet which is affectionate, loyal and of sound character, even the most stolid or mellow animal can sometimes go a little off the rails.

Lost Pets

Don't let your pet become one of the many unclaimed lost pets surrendered regularly to the local pet shelter.

Strange Cat Food Behaviours Explained

Cat lovers revel in the silly things felines do. This is true of cat food time as well. Felines happily satisfy themselves and their enjoyment of cat food can top the list of funny cat moments. However, cats can behave strangely with food. Some owners assume that the animal doesn't like what they are offered, but they are wrong. Felines show certain cat food behaviours due to other causes. Remember: cats are smart and there is always a reason for what they do. Here's your chance to learn.


It's time again for all of us armchair sportsmen and sportswomen to revel in the amazing feats of the elite sports stars of our age as the 2012 London Olympics is played over and over again on our big screens!

Who knows, snuggled up on your lap as you watch the daring leaps, dashes and jumps of our human sports star may be the next amazing dog superstar!

Are Your Pets Annoying the Neighbours?

Recent reports in the Sydney Morning Herald indicate an increase in animal cruelty by neighbours.

Cat fights and incessant barking are keeping the neighbours awake. Living at close quarters with a whiney mutt or scratchy cat are tipping others over the edge which has led to an incredibly sad urban phenomenon of animal poisoning and even bashing or killing. Even without such a dramatic result, the finding of rude notes in the letter box, angry answering machine messages or phone calls at work places a great deal of stress on the pet owners and neighbours.

Whether it's separation anxiety, after-hours noises or digging under fences, can cat or dog training help relieve the situation for all involved?

Why Do Cats Spray Urine?

One of the most common frustrations for cat owners, especially in multi-cat households, is inappropriate urination by their cat or cats. Urine spraying is one such frustration.

Benefits of Desexing Your Female Dog

Desexing (neutering) a female dog is often recommended by veterinarians for female dogs belonging to non-breeding owners. It is a permanent and irreversible procedure. All owners of female puppies or adult dogs should discuss desexing with their veterinarian. Desexing a female dog can have numerous long term health benefits for the dog, especially if the surgery is performed on a young animal.

Benefits of Desexing Your Male Dog

Desexing (neutering) of male dogs is routinely recommended by veterinarians for all non-breeding male dogs. It is also recommended as a pet care management aid in treating some disorders in adult dogs.

Is it Necessary to Exercise and Stimulate Your Cat?

Some cats are extremely active, especially young outdoor cats, whereas others will lounge around all day following the warmth of the sun. What can be done to encourage these lay-about cats to exercise, and does it really matter if they don't exercise?

Young kittens are full of energy and will play with just about anything, investigating and expending copious amounts of energy daily. While we don't recommend this at home, this fun video shows just how entertaining a kitten can be when it is entertaining itself!

Is Your Dog a Rockstar? Meet Spike.

Meet Spike, the rockstar dog featured in the latest US IAMS Naturals Dog Food commercial. Spike is a beautiful Shar-pei, a Chinese breed commonly as the "Roly Dog" from the toilet paper commercial. Shar-Pei's are known for their wrinkles and usually live 10-12 years and can be any solid colour except white. It is as tall as a Boxer, but more stocky in appearance, weighing about 25 kgs.

Top Tips - How to Bath Your Cat

You may think cats and water do not mix, but as these videos highlight every cat is different! Some even enjoy the sensation of "water" cat grooming, believe it or not! The thought of bathing your cat as part of a regular cat grooming routine can seem quite daunting to most cat owners. Thankfully cats are excellent self-groomers so the prospect of bathing your cat may not arise too often....

Should You Desex Your Male Cat?

Cats can produce numerous and large litters annually and as such the number of cats in a population can rapidly increase if cats are not desexed. Stray and feral cat populations compete with domestic cats for resources, often resulting in aggression and cat fights. They also cause extensive damage to local wildlife. As these cats are not under regular veterinary care and a pet medication regime, they also often harbour diseases which can be readily spread to the domestic population. Responsible pet ownership focuses on reducing this population of unwanted cats in an area.

Why Desex Your Female Cat?

Owners trying to decide whether or not to desex their female cat need to first decide whether the cat is being kept for professional breeding or as a pet. Obviously, breeding animals will not be desexed until their breeding days are completed. However any cat being kept as a pet should be strongly considered for desexing. Take a look at why below....

Love, love, love your pet?

How much love is too much?

The human-animal bond is a unique part of many households. The ability to nurture your pet and be nurtured by them on a basis of unconditional love is very appealing and both physiologically and emotionally rewarding for many people. However, this special bond can also be the basis of a myriad of negative medical conditions developing for your beloved pet if appropriate care is not taken.

Socialising Your New Puppy

Bringing a new puppy into your household can be a wonderful adventure and can provide a lot of fun and excitement for the whole family. Whilst many new puppy owners are aware of the need to toilet train and obedience train their new pet, many are unaware of the importance of socialising their puppy whilst it is young. Socialisation of puppies at a young age helps them develop coping mechanisms for being in new situations, develops appropriate behaviours with other dogs and an understanding of human-dog relationships.

Cat Fights

Dealing with cat fights is a common experience for many cat owners. Cats fight for many reasons, and whilst some fights are more of a warning with no injuries sustained to either animal, often the cats involved can suffer serious injury requiring prompt veterinary attention and appropriate cat medications.

Some owners may be surprised to learn that although many cat fights are between animals from different households, many are also between cats within the same household and can begin even after a prolonged period of cohabitation.