Virbac Cet Pet Toothpaste

Information about Cet Pet Toothpaste:

Save pets from oral disease and infection! CET Pet Toothpaste is the oral care solution for your dogs and cats.

CET Pet Toothpaste helps protect against periodontal disease, which affects 85% of adult dogs and cats. Periodontal disease can cause pain, bad breath and tooth loss; it can lead to major health issues when ignored. The only way to prevent this disease is through a program of oral hygiene and professional care, which includes regular toothbrushing as the best method towards dental health.

To complement daily brushing, there is CET Pet Toothpaste, which is specifically formulated to be effective and appealing to your dog or cat. Unlike human toothpaste, it is meant to be swallowed and it will not irritate your pet?s sensitive teeth and gums.

Unique Features of Cet Pet Toothpaste:

  • A few minutes a day of this toothpaste can give the best dental care for your pet
  • Comes in five different flavors: Beef Tartar Control, Poultry, Malt, Seafood Tartar Control, and Vanilla Mint



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Style Number: VRU-ODT-00006-CONFIG

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My dog loves this stuff.
Aug 23, 2012

C.E.T. pet toothpaste tastes really good. At least my dog thinks so. I started using the poultry flavor when he was a pup and he is fairly cooperative with daily brushing. Staining is kept to a minimal between infrequent vet dental visits. His gums are healthy, as long as I brush every day. When I take the brush out of his mouth his tongue follows the brush with some urgency, to get every last drop of whatever it is they put in C.E.T. He licks the brush clean. And, my vet only sells C.E.T. brand but at a much higher price then I can get at the Pet Shed.

The BEST way to cut down on dental problems!
Mar 21, 2011

Our cats are prone to dental issues, so I was looking for a preventative measure to improve their health and reduce the number of times we have to bring them to the vet to have their teeth cleaned. The Virbac CET toothpaste has an ingredient in it that actually helps prevent tartar growth, rather than simply removing it from the teeth. Because I started using this when they were pretty young, they've gotten used to me sticking their toothbrush inside their mouth every day. It's not that they love it, but it's relatively easy to do and takes just a few minutes. The result? Two years after their last teeth cleaning, our vet was amazed! She said their teeth looked like they belonged in a kitten - not 10 year old cats! I highly recommend it - I know it takes a while to get your cats used to doing it, but it's worth it!