Stop Repellent Spray

  • Formulated to help keep pets and strays away from selected areas in and around your home.
  • Reminds pets to stay away from the treated area.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.


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Style Number: COM11-CONFIG

Product Detail: Stop Repellent Spray

Stop Repellent Spray is an indoor or outdoor spray to stop dogs and cats urinating or going near furniture, plants, fences, gates or other undesirable areas. Continued spraying of Stop Repellent Spray will break those nasty and annoying elimination habits as pets will associate the smell with something unpleasant and therefore avoid the area. It may be used in conjunction with House-Breaking Aid when toilet training puppies.


Directions for use: Hold the spray 1 ft (30cm) from area to be treated and apply liberally. Repeat the application every 12 hours and after rain until undesirable habits are broken.

Manufacturer: Aristopet

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