Schering-Plough Lotagen Gel

Information about Lotagen Gel

Owners concerned about their pets suffering from an infected wound need not worry any longer as Lotagen Gel is here. It is a strong astringent and antiseptic gel that effectively treats fresh or old wounds. Your canines, felines and equines are in good hands with Lotagen Gel as it promotes the quick healing of wounds.

People who love their pets should always have Lotagen Gel handy. It?s always good to be prepared as you never know when your pet will get a cut or wound and Lotagen Gel acts quickly. Lotagen reduces the bleeding from small superficial wounds. Lotagen Gel is also strongly bactericidal and fungicidal, helping to prevent wounds becoming infected.

In old, poorly healing wounds, Lotagen helps to break down and remove dead tissues to accelerate the healing process. It also has a mild astringent action to stimulate production of healthy tissues to aid healing. Lotagen Gel is your all-in-one treatment for all your dogs?, cats? and even horses? wounds.

Unique Features of Lotagen Gel

  • Strong astringent and antiseptic gel that treats and disinfects wounds
  • Specially formulated for use on dogs, cats and horses
  • Promotes quick healing of wounds
  • Removes dead tissue and hastens the generation of new skin
  • Can immediately stop bleeding wounds
  • Bactericidal and fungicidal to prevent wound infection
  • Contains metacresolsulphonic acid and formaldehyde
  • Packaged in a 0.7oz (20g) tube

Dosage and Administration

Apply to wounds twice daily for 3 days, then daily until healing is complete.



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