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Heartworm medicine
Written by Amber
Mar 22, 2018

I order this once a year the 12 pack for $40 plus shipping! It is great !!! It?s very affordable for my dog Spots. Thank you guys so much!!!

Written by flatriverfarm
Mar 22, 2018

I have been buying heart worm and flea/tick medicine from Pet Shed for years, great value!

Great Company
Written by Brenda
Mar 21, 2018

I have been a customer for approximately 5 years. Great prices and excellent customer service.

Great collars
Written by Deb
Mar 14, 2018

Pet shed is the best. Being from the US i was a bit apprehensive about Buying from a company so far away.But i took a chance and i was glad I did. My order arrived in less than 2 weeks. I will b a long time customer Thanks Pet Shed my dogs are so thankful for their seresto Collars Deb

Flea & tick products & heartworm prevention
Written by Patsy Pruitt
Mar 13, 2018

I use generic products & am totally satisfied.

Great service!!
Written by Sonya
Mar 05, 2018

It was taking a little bit longer to receive my order than I expected. I gave them a quick call, after hours (they were closed). They called me back the next day (SUNDAY!). I could not get to my phone at the time, so the lady left me a very detailed message. She let me know what day my order was shipped, and when to expect it (give or take a day). I have 6 animals. PetShed is the only company I know of that sells the cat and dog wormers and flea drops at such good prices! I can keep my zoo parasite-free for 6 months or so (best to order fresh ones when you need them). Wow! Thank you all for such great service!

Revolution for cats
Written by Pauline Tomeski
Feb 16, 2018

I buy Revolution for my stray cats and house cats. The price is lower than anyone else. I do not need a prescription. It may take a little longer to get but it does come. I just have to order it before I need to apply it on my pets. This product keeps my pets free of bugs and worms!

PetShed is the Greatest
Written by John Moore
Feb 13, 2018

This is the one and only companies I order all three of my dogs generic heartworm preventive. You can alway be assured quality and price over exceeds other online companies, believe me I?ve checked. We have been a customer for 15 years. I always share this company with other dog owners cause I believe we should all be saving.

Value for the money
Written by eggladee
Feb 12, 2018

We have several cats and the expense of buying their flea products at the vets became prohibitive. Decided to try to find something online and finally found PetShed. It was so much cheaper and easier to order their Revolution from Pet Shed. The orders have always been on time and well packaged. Pet Shed is now our go to site for cat care products.

Product review
Written by Ron Christensen
Feb 12, 2018

I recently ordered from Petshed frontline and heart guard medcine for my dog Pongo I got the medicine in a reasonable time and at a substantial discount from other on line site and the stores. I would ordered from this site again.