Nylabone Flavored Plastic Chew Bone

Unique Features of Nylabone Flavored Plastic Chew Bone:

  • Reduces tartar and plaque buildup
  • Made of durable nylon
  • Ensures many hours of chewing for your pet
  • Veterinarian-recommended
  • Flavor-enhanced
  • Comes in natural, bacon and chicken flavors
  • Perfect for soft, medium and aggressive chewing dogs
  • Available in Petite, Regular, Wolf, Giant, and Souper sizes
  • Easy to wash in warm water with nontoxic detergent


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Style Number: NYU-OTV-00014-CONFIG

Product Detail: Nylabone Flavored Plastic Chew Bone

Information about Nylabone Flavoured Plastic Chew Bone:

Help clean your dog?s teeth and gums. Give him/her the Nylabone Flavored Plastic Chew Bone, which aids your pet?s oral care needs while keeping him/her entertained for hours. The Nylabone Flavored Plastic Chew Bone is designed with tiny bristles along each surface to clean the pet?s teeth, keeping it strong and healthy. It is not intended for consumption.

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Great Product
Written by suzanne
Dec 09, 2014

My dogs love the nyla bones. Great way to deter them from chewing on household or unsafe items. Just continued to give the dog the nyla bone and soon that is all the dog looks forward to gnawing on.

Written by laurel lyford
Nov 14, 2014

my dogs love these nylabones, satisfies their chewing needs and keeps them busy for a quite a while.

The best toy for our Jack Russell terrier
Written by Dallas
Jul 11, 2013

This is the only Toy that will last more than a week with our Jack Russell terrier .. She destroys all other toys. This is extremely hard and lasts months. It takes her a while to start chewing on it because it so hard.. But once she finally gets it chewed down she wont stop. Your dog will either love it or hate it.. Because its like a big hart piece of plastic with no smell.

Dec 27, 2011

I love this bone. All other products my dog could either leave in pieces all over the house or even swallow, which makes me nervous with the rough edges on the ones that come apart. My dogs sit down a couple times a day and just knaw on their bones for a while. They aren't coming apart in pieces on my floor or in their gut to tear up their intestines. I have to assume with the sturdiness and the way they love them, that it is doing what it's suppose to do. Clean their teeth

worthless product
Dec 01, 2011

This product is a complete waste of money. It is so hard my dogs won't chew it and it has no flavor. I can't see how this could be of benefit to a dog.