Mavlab Fido’s Bathing Wipes 40pk

Information about Fido?s Bathing Wipes 40pk:

Keeping your pets clean and fresh-smelling has never been easier - with Fido?s Bathing Wipes 40pk! Designed not just for dogs but also for cats and other small animals, Fido?s Bathing Wipes 40pk are alcohol-free and contain aloe vera and lanolin. The wipes keep pet coats clean and shiny while removing loose fur and odor.

Use Fido?s Bathing Wipes to clean your pet during cold weather, or as a top-up between washes. So whether it?s a canine, a feline, or just about any small furry animal - keep a pack of Fido?s Bathing Wipes 40pk handy - the quick and easy way to keep your pet clean!

Unique features of Fido?s Bathing Wipes 40pk:

  • High-quality disposable pre-moistened wipes for pets
  • Alcohol-free; contain aloe vera and lanolin
  • Ideal for cleaning and removing loose fur and odor
  • Can replace washing during cold weather, or as a top-up between washes
  • No mess, convenient and easy-to-use
  • 40 wipes per pack


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