Kramar Flea & Dust Comb

Information About Flea & Dust Comb:

Always care for your pet's appearance with this pet grooming tool. Flea & Dust Comb has ultra-fine teeth for removing fleas and dust from the coat of your pet. This pet hair comb can help maintain healthy coat. And it is safe to use as this pet grooming accessory is gentle on the skin even as it's teeth is able to penetrate through your pet's thick hair.

Flea & Dust Comb with a long handle that that is comfortable to use yet providing a secure grip. This pet comb is available in 7.5 in or 19 cm length.

Unique Features of Flea & Dust Comb:

  • Has ultra-fine teeth for removing fleas and dust
  • Able to penetrate through your thick hair but gentle on the skin
  • Comfortable, long handle that gives secure grip
  • Available in 7.5 in or 19 cm length



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Style Number: K08874-CONFIG

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