Aristopet Valerian Spray

Information About Valerian Spray:

Safe, soothing, exciting! Valerian Spray contains the herb Valerian officinalis which cats find attractive. This cat spray has a mild stimulant and attractant effect on felines. A whiff of this scent will have your cats sniffing and rolling in trance-like pleasure.

Valerian Spray is easy to use and safe as it is water based and has a short term effect. The Valerian herb, is also beneficial to cats as it can provide many herbal remedies.

Contains extract from the herb Valerian officinalis, in an easy to use water-based spray. Has a mild stimulant and attractant effect in cats. Cats are extremely sensitive and attracted to Valerian, sniffing and rolling in it, enjoying a trance-like pleasure. The effect is short-term and not harmful to cats. This herb is used in many herbal remedies.

Unique Features of Valerian Spray:

  • Contains the herb Valerian officinalis which is attractive to cats
  • Gives a mild stimulant and attractant effec
  • Easy to use
  • Water-based
  • Has a short term effect
  • Can provide many herbal remedies



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