The Pet Lover Chronicles: Be Kind To Your Dog's Heart


Once in a while, our pet dog gets sick or has health problems; fleas, ticks, minor infections, you name it. However, heres one disease we all hope our dogs never have to go through in their lifetime - heartworms.

Given the dangers that heartworms pose, we try so hard to fight these parasites with everything weve got. However, we sometimes forget the risks involved in doing so. Nobody wants heartworms, but nobody wants a sick dog from all the side effects of heartworm medication, too. Thats why we should take note of the risks that some heartworm preventative medications bring. Yes, even heartworm medication has its disadvantages and health risks; and it is very important for all dog lovers to know about them.

Always ask your Vet

DO NOT JUST USE HEARTWORM PREVENTATIVE MEDICATION WITHOUT CONSULTING YOUR VET FIRST. This is because using the wrong preventative will result in complications. Below are some of the most common heartworm preventative medications for dogs and the risks involved in improper dosages and administration:

  1. Heartgard

Heartgard contains ivermectin, and wrong dosages of this may cause depression, unsteady gait, dilated pupils, vomiting, drooling, tremors, coma, depression and, occasionally, death.

alex_article1_revolution.jpg 2. Revolution

    Revolution is good for heartworm and flea control. However, it contains a parasiticide called selamectin which in wrong dosages may cause depression, unsteady gait, dilated pupils, vomiting, drooling, tremors, coma, and, in some cases, even death.

    alex_article1_vet.jpgThese risks are a threat to our dogs as the heartworm itself, so we should be prudent in giving heartworm preventative medications. For me, a regular consultation with my vet is still the best way to determine the best method of heartworm prevention for my dog and a surefire way of ensuring that Im being kind to its heart.

    How about you - have you been kind to your dog's heart?