An Alternative and Natural Way To Get Rid of Fleas: How the Neem Oil Saved A Dog From Fleas

The Story of the Wonder Tree

My name is Kari. People call me The Wonder Tree. It's probably because of the neem oil they get from me. I just let them think whatever they want for what matters most is that Jojo thinks I am, indeed, wonderful.

I am a Neem tree. As I stand 20 meters high, the whole village and nearby fields are all within my sight. And because I am big and tall I became a living playground. Children play in my arms and hide behind my leaves, spying at lovers meeting under my shade. As for the lovers? They take solace at the thought that I can keep their secrets.

There are people who come for my leaves and barks to make into solutions for their ailments. They say I cure them because the oil they get from me is a very good antipyretic, antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antiviral. Now those are really big words for a simple tree, but they do make me feel special.

I like all the attention they give me, but to be honest, there's only one whose visits I always look forward to. Even when I'm napping, all my senses light up when I hear the sweetest bark in the whole wide world. My leaves rustle, then the birds resting on my leafy crown, sensing my excitement, sing a melodious chirp. This is how I always welcome my friend, Jojo.

I remember the first day I met him. He was playing in the fields, running here and there, pretending he's a great hunting dog dashing after his prey. Then all of a sudden, he stopped and scratched. He was scratching furiously that his skin reddened. He went home whimpering and I knew then that he was infested with fleas.

The next day I saw him again but this time with his human. It was an old farmer. I pitied Jojo, for the little dog was still scratching and biting at his coat. The man reached for my drupes, peeled free the seeds and said to Jojo, "I'll make an oil out of these neem seeds. It will keep those fleas away and heal your sores."

He patted Jojo on his head and off they went home.

The days went by, more people came and took parts of me that they needed. They kept praising how useful I was. They told stories of how I cured their wounds, cleared off their rashes, kept away mosquitoes, lice, ticks and flies. There was even a man who kept showing off his pearly white teeth and claiming my twigs made them perfect. I blushed from all these praises. But all this time, I kept wondering how Jojo is faring.

Then on a bright noon, Jojo came back barking happily. He was running like the wind, as they often say, with his golden coat flowing so smoothly. There was no sign of an itch as he was the poster boy (or dog) of a healthy canine.

I asked him if my seeds helped him with his flea problem. He barked yes and told me how the old farmer extracted oil from those neem seeds, added it to Jojo's regular shampoo, then bathed my friend with it. He also made a spray out of the remaining neem oil and sprayed Jojo every now and then until all fleas were gone and his sores were healed.

"You are truly wonderful," Jojo whispered and gave me a lick.

I bowed my head and embraced my friend with my shade.

Because of Jojo, along with all those other medicinal reasons, people started calling me the Village Pharmacy. The sick came to me and I healed them. The dogs that were itching, they too came to me, and I gave them comfort. Only the fleas kept their distance from Kari, the Wonder Tree.