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Every pet owner will tell you how hard and impossible it is to give your pet cat or dog medicines especially if it?s in pill form. With the extraordinary animal Pill Popper, making your feline and canine take that medicine has never been this easy. With the Pill Popper, you are assured that your pets take in that much needed medicine for them to get well immediately.

The Pill Popper is every pet owners? dream come true. This very handy device makes giving pills such an easy task. You no longer have to endure scratches or bites on your hands and arms or even your face.

The revolutionary Pill Popper is very easy to use and is one thing every pet owner should have on hand. No one wants their pet to get sick but it?s an inevitable fact. To make it easy for every pet owner to give their pets medicines, the Pill Popper is all they need to give that much needed pill.

Unique Features of Pill Popper

  • Device that makes dosing your pet with tablet-form medicine extremely easy
  • Ensures that the pill is properly administered to your pet
  • Can give the pet owner some peace of mind every time they need to give medicine to their pet
  • Pet owners can avoid getting bitten or scratched by their pet
  • Very-easy to use
  • Durable and made to last

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Style Number: P6000-CONFIG

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Sep 15, 2011

This is a MUST HAVE especially for cats. I got one about 10 years ago and wouldn't be without it. No struggle, the cats don't even know they got a pill. Since having this I have requested pills from my vet over liquids. This is the BEST money you will EVER spend if you have pets. Amazing product.

Don't know what I did without it!
Apr 18, 2011

I have been looking for a product that would make medication dispensing easier and less tramatizing for my pets, especially cats. The Pill Popper fits the bill!! I have four cats and did not have trouble with them swallowing medication when I used the Pill Popper. It worked very well with my dog also. It is easy to load and fits into the mouth with no problems. At last an answer to my administering medication to my pets!! I didn't get bit or scratched one time and did it by myself, whereas I used to get someone to help.