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Dog Clothes for Your Pet

If you love shopping for dog clothes for your pampered pooch, you've found the right place. We are sure that you'll adore browsing through our extensive selection of dog coats, dog clothing and other great pet accessories. In our dog clothes and dog coat range, you'll find high quality products from leading pet supplies brands including Kakadu Pet, Gooby and Doggles - names that you know and can trust.

Finding the right dog coat, dog collar or dog leash to suit your pet is easy and fun. You'll find stylish dog clothes to suit large breeds such as Labrador and Alsatians, and cute dog outfits to fit small and miniature breeds such as Chihuahuas and Shih Tzu. With so many different types of dog clothes available, your dog is guaranteed to be the best dressed boy or girl in the neighborhood.

Trendy and Practical Dog Clothes

Our range of dog clothes and dog coats offers a great choice of both trendy and practical outfits for dogs of all breeds, sizes and personalities. Whether you want a catwalk inspired fashion look, or are concerned about your dog feeling the chill on winter walks, you'll find the perfect dog coat or dog outfit here.

If looking cool and in tune with the latest doggy fashions is your passion, you'll be spoil for choice with plenty of playful designs that are full of character. From specially designed dog hats, which keep the sun out of your dog's eyes on summer days, to embellished dog collar and dog leash styles, there is something to suit every style-wise pet! Your dog will love showing off his colorful, cozy dog clothing when you take him to obedience classes or hang-out together at the park.

For those of you who are searching for dog clothes for practical, everyday wear, you won't be disappointed either. You'll find simple and effectively designed dog coats which are perfect for keeping your pet warm and dry when you are taking country walks or experiencing chilly weather conditions.

Tips for Choosing Dog Coats

When it comes to buying dog coats for your pet, it is important to order the correct size, just as you would do when buying clothing for yourself. Buying the right size of dog coat will help to keep your pet comfortable and is essential if you want your dog to enjoy wearing his dog clothes. Use a cloth tape to measure your dog to confirm his or her body length and girth to ensure that the new dog coat is neither too small nor too big.