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Dog and Cat AnxietyProblems

Does your dog howls incessantly when you leave him at home so that you can do your grocery shopping? Does your cat scratch at furniture and spray territorial markings around your home? These are common symptoms of dog anxiety and cat anxiety. Dog anxiety manifests itself in some ways some pets will display just one behaviour, while others will combine several, and the same is true for cat anxiety issues. An animal which is stressed might be very vocal, barking or growling in dogs, and hissing or loud meowing in cats. Anxious dogs and cats are often destructive and in some cases, can become aggressive if they are very frightened and feel the need to defend themselves. Other behaviours that are often seen in anxious dogs and cats are urinating or passing faeces inappropriately, salivating excessively or vomiting.

What Causes Cat Anxiety & Dog Anxiety Issues?

Pet anxiety issues have as many causes as do symptoms. Sometimes a trigger for stress will be obvious, such a change of environment when the owner and pet move home . More subtle strains on the pet's emotional and physiological health come about when a new person or pet joins the household, or the owner gets a job which takes them away for long hours. Any situation which significantly affects the owner's lifestyle potentially impacts on dog anxiety and cat anxiety levels as well, and this is always something to bear in mind if your pet shows signs of anxiety. Other reasons for pet anxiety are short-term but stressful nonetheless, such as sudden loud noises, travel, visits to the vet or separation anxiety when left alone.

Pet Meds & Pet Training To Ease Anxiety Issues

Getting to the root of your dog anxiety and cat anxiety issues is the first step in helping to relax and feel safe, secure and confident. Pet training methods, such as reward and praise based systems, are good ways to comfort your pet and distract its attention from the triggers which cause anxiety. At Pet Shed, you'll also find products designed to help you soothe your pet and minimize anxiety, both at home and on the move. Based on the science of pheromones, anti-anxiety sprays and plug-ins mimic the chemicals which dogs release during lactation. Although humans cannot smell dog appeasing pheromones, the powerful nose of a canine will instantly pick up the scent. The calming effect stops many common dog anxiety problems and lasts for a couple of hours at a time.