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Pet Training and Behavior

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Pet Training Aids for Happier Owners

According to statistics from the National Pet Owners Survey(by the American Pet Products Association) 39% of US households include at least one dog, while 33% of US households own one or more cats. It is clear that we are a nation of animal lovers and that pets play an important role in many people's everyday life. However, owning a dog or cat can have its less pleasurable sides. Insufficient pet training or inconsistent use of pet behavior training techniques can contribute towards issues such as bad toilet habits, scratching and chewing. If ignored these cases of animal bad manners can become distressing for both owner and pet.

Fortunately, there are solutions available for the most commonly experienced pet behavior issues. We offer an extensive range of pet training supplies for dogs and cats, enabling you to work with your pet to resolve bad habits. A well-trained pet is a happier pet and this means that you will be a happier owner.

Pet Supplies for Cat & Dog Toilet Training

Housebreaking your dog or cat is one of the most important aspects of pet training. It is usual to start working on this correcting this type of pet behavior when the animal is still young, although older rescue dogs and cats often need extra training to help them. Our selection of pet behavior training equipment includes a range of products designed specifically to help you when working on getting your cat to use its litter box and encouraging your dog to do its business in the right place. Training mats and cat and dog toilet training aids are amongst the helpful products which you can use to stop your pets ruining your floor and furniture by going in the wrong place. You will also find several cat and dog repellents, which can be used to discourage your pet from annoying habits such as using your prize potted-plants as a toilet!

No Scratch and No Chew Pet Behavior Solutions

Other pet training issues faced by owners include scratching furniture and chewing inappropriate objects. Not only are these habits inconvenient but can spoil the look of your home and damage valuable property. To deal with these pet behavior problems, use of range of No Scratch and No Chew pet supplies, which will make this stage of pet training that much easier.

Pet Training Using Positive Reinforcement

Regardless of which pet behavioral issues you are trying to tackle, you'll find that positive reinforcement will aid in achieving quicker and more satisfactory results. While verbal praise is an essential that helps strengthen the pet-owner connection, using the occasional pet treats when your pet obeys your commands will help to cement the ideas that you teach your pet during training. In our range of pet training supplies, you'll find all you need to make learning easier for your dog or cat!