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Pet Crates and Travel
Whenever your pet is out and about with you it should be secured safely. In instances where a collar and leash or harness and leash are not suitable, pet carriers provide a stylish option for transporting small dogs or cats. A pet crate is perfect for home or car use, and a pet cage is great when you want to give your pet room to move or show them off to others.

Pet Crates
Dogs and cats can be safely transported in a car or aeroplane using a pet crate. Pet crates are ideal for short or long trips and it is recommended that a soft blanket or pet bed mattress be inserted into the pet crate for comfort on a journey.

Do not forget to let your dog or cat out of the pet crate at regular intervals to allow it to stretch it's legs, have a drink of water (collapsible pet bowls are perfect for travel) and something small to eat. Large amounts of dog food or cat food given on a journey could upset your pet's stomach.

A pet crate lined with a cushion can also make a cosy place to escape for your dog or cat at home. Having a pet crate instead of (or as well as) a pet bed inside or ourside the home will make it easier to get your pet inside when making that dreaded trip to the vet!

Pet Carriers
Whilst standard plastic pet carriers or pet crates are useful for transporting your small pet to the vet or boarding kennels, pets that go out on the town with their owners should be very comfortable in a stylish nylon handbag-style pet carrier. These carriers should always provide a sturdy base and mesh air holes for providing fresh air and a view of the world around them. A standard handbag is not appropriate for carrying your pet. Many very useful pet carriers have separate pockets to carry all your beloved pets? essentials for a day out ? pockets for snacks, a water bottle holder, doggy poop bags and hairbrush. These pet carriers are a stylish accessory for the owner and pet that needs to be seen around town!

All pet carriers should be thoroughly cleaned and laundered regularly (according to manufacturer?s instructions) to maintain hygiene.

Pet Cages
A pet cage is a larger version of a pet crate and by pure nature a pet cage has better ventilation and viewing than a pet crate. Pet cages are commonly used in vet clinics, catteries, and pet shows. Pet cages usually fit larger dogs, and give small dogs and cats room to walk and move. A collapsible pet cage is great to take along to pet shows as it can be difficult to fit a standard pet cage in the trunk of a car.

Remember to keep your pet crate, pet carrier or pet cage restrained inside the vehicle using seat belts to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for your dog or cat.