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4 Styles Found  
4 Styles Found  
Pet Bowls

All pets should have ready access to fresh clean drinking water at all times. Provision of this water in a large, easy to clean pet bowl which is difficult to tip over is ideal. The water should be changed daily and the pet bowl thoroughly cleaned at the same time to allow for maximum maintenance of hygiene standards.

Similar characteristics are suggested when purchasing a pet bowl for feeding. Again cleaning after every meal is essential for maximum hygiene so an easy to clean stainless steel pet bowl is suggested.

Recommended Pet Bowls
Stainless steel is an ideal material for the dish to be made from as it is easy to clean. The presence of a non-slip coating on the underside of the bowl is a great innovation in helping reduce movement of the pet bowl from its position as the animal eats or drinks and also helps reduce the risk of spillage from a bowl tipping over.