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60 Styles Found  
60 Styles Found  

Pet Beds

Providing your pet with a cosy place to curl up and rest at night is easy at Pet Shed. We provide a diverse range of pet bedding styles in a HUGE range of colors and patterns.

Your pet deserves a nice cosy spot just to itself to relax and unwind after a long day of running, chasing birds, playing fetch and generally just lolling around. Picking the perfect pet bed is easy if you consider your pet's individual needs.

How to Choose a Pet Bed

All pet beds should provide a barrier between the cold floor and the animal. Raised beds can be useful for some pets whilst snugly cushion styles may better suit others. It is ideal to choose a pet bed which is easy to wash or which has an easily removable and washable cover. This will allow for regular cleaning and help in reducing the build-up of juvenile flea stages in the bedding. Washable bedding is essential for any animal which suffers from incontinence so that hygiene levels can be maintained.

Your pet should have its bedding positioned in a quiet area of the house which does not get draughts and where the dog can feel comfortable. Positioning a pet bed indoors and another outdoors is a great idea if your dog has run of the house and yard.

Pet beds are available in many sizes and the one chosen should allow for your pet to feel cosy when curled up but also allow for some additional stretching room. Another consideration for owners in choosing their pet's bedding is the color and style of the chosen bed. Pet bedding is available in a wide range of colors and patterns at Pet Shed to allow the bed to merge nicely with the room's decor. The bed can then become an inconspicuous part of the room, or if desired a showpiece and talking point for all visitors.