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Information about Fly Repella Cream

Stop those pesky flies and biting insects from squatting on your pet! Fly Repella Cream is an antiseptic cream that effectively repels flies and biting insects on dogs and horses. It has antiseptic properties, making Fly Repella Cream a good choice for use on wounds, badly affected ears, and other body parts.

Those flies can really be annoying. They bring in bacteria and bother your canine or equine friend a lot. Plus, the biting insects make your dog or horse scratch like crazy, causing wounds. Fly Repella Cream will put an end to all those problems. Your dogs or horses will always be free from any irritating pests and insects. With Fly Repella Cream, your pet can strut their stuff with confidence, without the scratching and the nasty bite wounds!

Unique Features of Fly Repella Cream

  • Effectively repels flies and biting insects on dogs and horses
  • Has antiseptic properties
  • Safe to use on wounds and other affected areas
  • Product contains: Diethyltoluamide 50g/kg, N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide 50g/kg, Di-N-Propylisocinchomeronate 12.5g/kg, Pyrethrins 2g/kg, Benzalkonium chloride 1g/kg.
  • Antiseptic cream is packaged in a 50g tube
  • Store below 30°C (room temperature)

Directions for Use

Apply a thin smear of cream to areas affected by flies and biting insects, such as around the eyes, ears and base of tail. Apply twice daily when infestations are severe. Avoid getting product into pet?s eyes.


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