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Awesome products at great prices
Mar 16, 2011

I recently adopted 3 cats from people who could not care for them any more. One had a hair lost problem and I was scared of putting medicine for flea control on it so I purhcased the program pills for cats. It works great!!! The next problem I had was getting the cats to take the pill so a friend told me about Greenies pill pockets. They work like a charm and the cat thinks it is just eating a treat. It's awesome. So for all my pet's needs I go to Pet Shed. They have awesome products at great prices. Thanks for the service PetShed provides.

Best flea product I have used in 3 years
Mar 14, 2011

I have 4 dogs, 3 dachshunds and a small terrier mix. For the past 3 years here in FL the summer has been just horrible with fleas. I have tried Frontline, Frontline Plus, Advantage, various Hertz products from Walmart, K9 Advantix you name it and nothing seemed to work. It got to the point where I could see the flees jumping off my tiles in the house. I even sprayed my lawn with the special organisms that eat flea larvae but even that couldn't control them. So after tons of googling I found Program Tablets and within 30 days and a few medicated baths the fleas were completely gone, I could not believe it. I also got my aunt who has 3 dogs and lives this product and it worked fine for her as well. I would definitely try this if you are having a sever flea infestation. Greg