Information about Proban

For controlling dog or cat fleas, use Proban Tablets. Proban Tablets is a systemic insecticide and is designed to treat fleas in canine and feline pets. In addition, Proban Tablets is used to treat demodectic mange and ticks on dogs.

Canine and feline fleas thrive and breed rapidly in a warm environment, so Proban Tablets should be administered to your pet as the temperature starts to rise. Proban Tablets use must continue until the weather starts to cool.

Unique Features of Proban

  • For flea control in dogs and cats
  • In addition, Proban Tablets treats demodectic mange, and helps control Scrub Ticks (Ixodes holocyclus) in canines
  • Active Ingredient: Cythioate 30mg
  • Available in a tub containing 50 tablets or 100 tablets

Dosage and Administration

  • For flea control and the treatment of demodectic mange on dogs: Weigh dogs before treatment. Give one Proban tablet by mouth for every 22lbs. (10kg) of body weight twice a week.
  • For control of paralysis/scrub tick on dogs: Give one Proban tablet by mouth for every 22lbs. (10kg) body weight every other day.
  • For flea control on cats: Weigh cats before treatment. Give one quarter Proban tablet by mouth for every 11lbs. (5kg) body weight twice a week.
  • In addition, treat your pets' inside and outside environments with an appropriate insecticide. Continue treatment through tick season. Daily searching for and removal of ticks from dogs is recommended.

Warnings, Side Effects and Drug Interactions

Do not give Proban Tablets to animals that are sick, pregnant, lactating or recovering from surgery. Proban should not be used on animals undergoing treatment with other organophosphate-based or anti-cholinesterase products (i.e. rinses, shampoos, sprays, collars and oral treatments).


Store below 77 deg. F (air conditioning)



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Written by Trudy
Jun 02, 2012

I have been using this for a on my english setter who really had a major flea problem last year. After about 4-5 months her coat was rich and luxurious again. I realized just recently that she has no flea problem this year. Last year I gave it her according to direction and since about Jan I give her one pill per month and still no fleas. I just drop it in her food and she eats it with the food. Loving this and plan to keep her on it as it extremely effective. Glad to have stumbled upon it and not sure where I purchased it on line.