Pet Edge Chuckit Ball Launcher

Information About Chuckit Ball Launcher:

Offer a whole new way of playing fetch through the Chuckit Ball Launcher. This is a long-range toy that is great for active, high-energy dogs. The Chuckit Ball Launcher is 26" long and is made of plastic. It has a long handle that helps extend the arm's reach to throw balls up to 140' and three times farther than tossing by hand. Its unique claw design enables you to easily pick up the ball from the ground - no need for bending or touching the slippery ball! The product is easy to use and is appropriate for use in any season.

Unique Features Chuckit Ball Launcher:

  • Presents a better way of playing fetch with your pooch
  • Extends the arm's reach to throw ball 3x farther than tossing by hand
  • Can reach up to 140' (throwing distance)
  • Quickly picks up the ball with its claw design
  • Easy to use
  • Weather-resistant for use in any season
  • Best for active, high-energy dogs

From $16.95

Style Number: PEB-ATO-00004-CONFIG

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This is the best!
Mar 11, 2015

I LOVE the Chuck-it collection of toys. They balls themselves are very durable and the throwing "arm" gives you the ability to "chuck" the ball really far and get your dog tired out without killing your arm. My 2 pit bull mixes are very high energy and they just LOVE playing fetch. I don't know what I'd do without it!

Arm Saver
Mar 10, 2015

Great toy. It saved my arm and kept my dog happy. I caould play ball for hours with my dog. It made it easy to throw the ball far and I could throw it for a long time. Also I never had to touch a sloppered up ball because I could just use the handle to pick up the ball. My dog and I both love this toy. It makes both of us very happy!! It lasts for years too. It never broke. Best toy ever!!!

Jack Russell terrier favorite toy of all time
Jul 11, 2013

our Jack Russell terrier loves this toy... This helps us throw the ball extremely far away. The quality is very good and the ball is heavier than a normal tennis ball so it will go even farther.