Malacetic Otic Fragranced Ear and Skin Cleanser

Information about Malacetic Otic Fragranced Ear and Skin Cleanser:

Do your pet's ears smell? If they do, then they may have a bacterial and fungal ear infection. Malacetic Otic is your indispensable ear cleaner, specially made and formulated to treat infected, smelly dog or cat ears. It is all-natural which makes it safe for ongoing use. Malacetic Otic can treat, maintain and protect your canine or feline pets' sensitive ears. What's more, it also prevents your pets ears from drying, further avoiding any skin irritation.

Malacetic Otic can also effectively remove wax and grease build-up, making your pets' ears exceptionally clean. With its deodorizing and degreasing action, your dog or cat's ears remain completely odor-free and wax is kept at a minimum.

Nobody wants a pet with smelly, dirty ears, so for your peace-of-mind, always use Malacetic Otic, your all-in-one, all-natural and hypoallergenically formulated pet ear-cleaning solution.

Unique Features of Malacetic Otic Original Formulation:

  • All-natural, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ear cleaning solution and deodorizer
  • Hypoallergenic formulation and safe for daily use
  • Effectively removes wax and grease from pet ears
  • Contains acetic and boric acid which treats and deodorizes your pet's ears
  • Highly-effective against yeast and bacteria infections in ears
  • Available in pleasant peach or apple fragrances
  • Formulation is pH-balanced for dogs
  • Does not contain any harmful substances like ototoxic agents, detergents, alcohol, dyes, antibiotics or pain-killers
  • Comes in a conveniently packaged 118mL unbreakable plastic bottle

Directions for Use:

Malacetic Otic's plastic bottle is specially designed to make instilling of the solution in the ear, easy and spill-free. Just instil the solution carefully into the ears until liquid can be seen in the ear canal. Then massage the ears so the solution can be spread evenly. Excess solution can be wiped away with a cotton swab. Depending on the severity, the solution can be used as frequently as 2-3 times daily.



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