Lupine Mud Puppy Combo Collar

Information About Mud Puppy Combo Collar:

Think of how much practical it is when you get one dog collar that provides dual-action. Mud Puppy Combo Collar can be used for walking or training your pet greyhound or similar dogs that habitually backs out of collars. This dog training collar has a Martingale-style with an additional sewn-in D-ring that can be used either as a limited-slip choker or as a regular flat collar.

This Combo Collar with Colorful Mud Puppy pattern has no buckle and must be fitted over the widest part of the dog?s head. Its 1" webbing width is perfect for medium and large dogs. Take note, however, this collar should not be left on an unleashed or unattended dog. As with all Lupine products, this unique dog collar is backed by a replacement guarantee - even if chewed or scratched!

Unique Features of Mud Puppy Combo Collar

  • Dual-action collar to use as a limited-slip choker or as a regular flat collar
  • Ideal for dogs that habitually back out of collars
  • Martingale-style collar with sewn-in D-ring
  • Can be used either as a limited-slip choker or as a regular flat collar
  • Should not be left on an unleashed or unattended dog
  • 1" webbing width is ideal for medium and large dogs
  • Colorful Mud Puppy pattern on high quality material
  • Great to use with Mud Puppy leads
  • Available in the following sizes:
    • 15"-22" is for medium sized dogs like Cocker Spaniel, Brittany, & Beagle
    • 19"-27" is for large dogs like Bulldog, Australian Shepherd, & Collie

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash in warm water
  • Use mild soap
  • Air dry
  • Do not use bleach
  • For extreme situations, pre-soak in an enzymatic cleaner like Nature?s Miracle or Simple Solution

How to Measure the Correct Collar Size:

To determine collar size, use a dressmakers tape to measure around the middle of the neck. Measure snugly, against the skin, not how you?d like it to fit. Whatever that measurement is, add in 5% extra for wiggle-room. This gives you a good approximation of the current size of the dog. For combo collars, in addition to measuring the dog?s neck (see above), measure all the way around the head, from the highest point of the skull, under the jaw, and back up.


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