Lupine Cherry Blossom H-Style Harness

Information About Cherry Blossom H-Style Harness:

During walks, it is a must to ensure the safety of your small pets by using a pet restraint that is ideal for their size. Cherry Blossom H-Style Harness has a 1/2" webbing width which is designed for cats and small dogs. Its H-style construction will definitely keep your pets secure and comfortable. This cat and dog harness has adjustable collar buckles around the neck and is joined to an adjustable girth strap.

Cherry Blossom H-Style Harness is available in 10"-13" and 12"-18" girth size ranges. And it has a beautifully woven floral pattern that will look great on your pet. As with all Lupine products, this pet restraint is backed by a replacement guarantee, even if chewed, or scratched!

Unique Features of Cherry Blossom H-Style Harness:

  • Secure to use on cats and small dogs
  • With adjustable collar buckles around the neck
  • Comfortable to use with its adjustable girth strap
  • Comes with a replacement guarantee - even if chewed or scratched
  • 1/2" webbing width is specifically designed for cats and small dogs
  • Has a beautifully woven floral pattern
  • Great to use with Cherry Blossom leads
  • Available in the following girth sizes:
    • 10"-13" for tiny dogs like Bichon Frise, Maltese, & Yorkshire Terrier
    • 12"-18" for small dogs like Boston Terrier, Pug, & Shih Tzu

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash in warm water
  • Use mild soap
  • Air dry
  • Do not use bleach
  • For extreme situations, pre-soak in an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle or Simple Solution

How to Measure the Harness Size:

Harness sizing is based on the adjustability of the girth. If you don't have a dress makers tape, use a piece of string around the animal's ribcage, just behind the front legs. Measure snugly, not how you want it to fit. If you are using string, and don't have a ruler, you can use the known size of a standard piece of paper (8.5" by 11") to get a good idea of the pet's actual circumference. Whatever that measurement is, add in an extra 5% for comfort.


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