Kakadu Pet Indigo Denim Lead

Information About Indigo Denim Lead:

Walk your pet with a dog lead in classic denim fashion. The Indigo Denim Lead can give your dog its well-needed style boost. This pet lead is made of denim cotton that makes it soft and comfortable in your hands when you lead a dog. A gate-style snap is included for easy attachment to a collar. And it is made more appealing with a classic jeans button sewn into a part of the lead.

The Indigo Denim Lead in classic denim blue color is available in two sizes: The ½" x 4ft pet lead is recommended for medium dogs, while the lead that measures ¾" x 4ft is for medium to large dogs.

Unique Features of Indigo Denim Lead:

  • Fashionable with its denim cotton construction
  • Soft and comfortable to use
  • Accented with a classic jeans button
  • Includes a gate-style snap for easy attachment to a collar or harness
  • Comes in classic blue denim color
  • Available in the following sizes:
    • ½" x 4ft is ideal for medium dogs, such as Cocker Spaniels, Beagles and Corgis
    • ¾" x 4ft is ideal for medium to large dogs such as Spaniels, Boxers, Retrievers, and German Short Haired Pointers

Care Instructions:

  • This product may be machine washed or hand washed.
  • Water should be warm, not hot (less than 86°F/30°C).
  • Mild soap may be used, but no bleach.
  • Air dry only as nylon may shrivel and/or shrink in the dryer.


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Style Number: KPS-LAC-00181-CONFIG

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