Kakadu Pet Indigo Denim Collar

  • Designed to be a gentler replacement for a choke chain.

  • Classic blue denim with button design.

  • Includes an O-ring for attachment to a lead.


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Style Number: KPS-LAC-00177-CONFIG

Product Detail: Kakadu Pet Indigo Denim Collar

Information about Indigo Denim Collar:

Accessorize your pooch in classic denim fashion. The Indigo Denim Collar can give your dog its well-needed style boost. It is made of denim cotton that makes it soft and comfortable enough to wear around your dog’s neck.

This collar for dogs is a limited-slip collar. It incorporates a mobile section with a limited amount of slip (tightening) action, so the collar tightens a few inches when the dog pulls, but does not choke the dog. It is a gentler replacement for a choke chain, for dogs that pull out of normal collars, for tethering and for everyday wear.

The Indigo Denim Collar is made more appealing with a classic jeans button sewn into a handle. It includes an O-ring for attachment to a lead. This product is available in two sizes: ½ x 16" for medium to large dogs and ¾ x 18" for large dogs.

Unique Features of Indigo Denim Collar:


How to Determine the Correct Collar Size:

This collar slips on over the head then is tightened until firm on the neck, so ensure that you choose a size that is big enough to slip on over you dog’s head. It can have a large amount of adjustment, so it is better to order a large size if you are unsure.

Use a dressmaker’s tape to measure around the middle of the neck, where the collar will be worn by the pet. Measure snugly against the skin, not loosely. Add 5% extra to the measured length, or for larger dogs, an additional two fingers of length can be used. This gives you a good approximation of the current length (circumference) of the collar needed. If the collar is for a puppy, remember that it grows quickly, so it is important to check the tightness of your dog collar often and replace it with a larger one as soon as it becomes too tight.

Care Instructions:

- See more at: http://stage.petshed.com/item/kakadu-pet-indigo-denim-collar#sthash.45J0fRKd.dpuf

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