Kakadu Pet Boxer Studded Leather Collar

  • Black contoured leather with studs design.

  • It combines ultimate strength and durability.

  • Made from 100% durable leather with solid steal nickel plated studs.


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Style Number: KPS-LAC-00202-CONFIG

Product Detail: Kakadu Pet Boxer Studded Leather Collar

Information about Boxer Studded Leather Collar:

Keep your pet safe with a sturdy protector collar! The Boxer Studded Leather Collar guarantees ultimate strength and durability. Aside from its leather construction, it is also created from heavy metal hardware and stitched with premium nylon thread. This dog collar protects a dog through its solid steel nickel-plated spikes that are permanently set with rivets. Choose from two sizes: 1 ½ x 25 ½ for medium to large dogs and X 27 ½ for large dogs.


Unique Features of Boxer Studded Leather Collar:


How to Measure the Correct Collar Size:

Use a dressmaker's tape to measure around the middle of the neck, where the collar will be worn by the pet. Measure snugly against the skin, not loosely. Add 5% extra to the measured length, or for larger dogs, an additional two fingers of length can be used. This gives you a good approximation of the current length (circumference) of the collar needed. If the collar is for a puppy, remember that it grows quickly, so it is important to check the tightness of your dog collar often and replace it with a larger one as soon as it becomes too tight.

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