Doog Hand Wipe Refill box

  • Antiseptic wipes, containing chlorhexidine gluconate 0.5%.

  • Contain a moisturizer to keep hands soft.

  • Resealable pack to keep wipes moist.



Style Number: DOG-ALH-00004-CONFIG

Product Detail: Doog Hand Wipe Refill box

Information About Hand Wipes Refill Box

Hand Wipes are an indispensable addition to walking time with your dog, helping you to stay clean and hygienic when you need to pick up after your pooch. Hand wipes contain chlorhexidine, a broad spectrum antiseptic, effective in killing germs, but gentle on hands. These wipes have a pleasant fragrance to remove any nasty doggy odors. They also contain a moisturizer, to soothe your hands and help condition and protect your skin. Hand Wipes are designed to be used with the Walkie Belt - there is a pocket specially designed to hold them. Each pack contains 20 wipes. Each box contains 3 packs.

Unique Features of Tidy Bag Refill Box

Directions for Use

Peel back resealable label and remove wipe. We hands thoroughly with wipe, keeping it in contact with hands for at least 30 seconds for best antibacterial action. Dispose of wipe after single use. - See more at:

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