Doggles Dog Flotation Jacket

Information About Dog Flotation Jacket:

Protect your pet in the waters with one of the best dog clothes for outdoor use. The Dog Flotation Jacket is a revolutionary gear that ensures the safety of your pet with its attachable chin float that keeps your dogs nose out of the water. Enhancing its safety are the dog apparel?s variable thickness buoyancy cells and reflective trim throughout. Its 1680 denier nylon construction makes this dog clothing strong and durable.

Dog Flotation Jacket includes a low profile handle with D rings. This dog clothing can also make your pet stand out in a crowd with its stylish combination of bright, contrasting black and orange colors. And with 5 sizes to choose from, you can get a perfect fit for your canine buddy.

Unique Features of Dog Flotation Jacket:

  • Strong and durable with its 1680 denier nylon construction
  • With variable thickness buoyancy cells
  • Reflective trim throughout
  • Low profile handle with D rings
  • Adjustable, ergonomic fit
  • Comes in a combination of bright, contrasting colors (orange and black)
  • Available in the following sizes:
    • Teacup measures 6" (jacket length), 7"-10" (chest length), 12"-18" (girth size)
    • XXS measures 8" (jacket length), 9"-13" (chest length), 14"-21" (girth size)
    • XS measures 10" (jacket length), 12"-18" (chest length), 18"-24" (girth size)
    • Small measures 13" (jacket length), 18"-22" (chest length), 20"-32" (girth size)
    • Medium measures 16" (jacket length), 18"-26" (chest length), 26"-40" (girth size)
    • Large measures 20" (jacket length), 26"-32" (chest length), 28"-48" (girth size)

How to Measure:

  • Use a cloth tape measure. Lay the tape measure along dog?s body to get accurate measurements. When measuring from the base of the neck to the base of the tail allow the tape measure to lie along the natural curves of the dogs body. If your measurement falls between two sizes, determine the correct size based on how loose or tight your measurement is, a comfortable snug fit is preferred, not a tight restricting fit.
  • For back length: Measure dog from the base of the collar to the base of the tail; laying the tape measure along his back
  • For girth: Measure dog around the chest at the largest part behind the dogs front legs


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