Comfort Pet Memory Foam Bed

Information about Memory Foam Bed:

Ensure your dog always gets a good rest. The Memory Foam Bed is pet comfort at its finest! It features three layers of foam: memory, polyurethane and egg crate.

The memory foam follows your dog?s body contours to provide maximum comfort. Meanwhile, the egg crate foam removes pressures points so your dog feels completely at ease and relaxed while lying down. Sandwiched between these two is the polyurethane foam, which provides additional support and keeps your pet from the cold floor.

The Memory Foam Bed has therapeutic benefits that makes it ideal for dogs who are suffering from hip dysphasia and arthritis. It also features a machine washable and removable cover that is made from suede. The Memory Foam Bed is available in three colors: Tan, Burgundy and Blue.

Unique Features of Memory Foam Bed:

  • Features three foam layers: memory, polyurethane and egg crate
  • Has therapeutic benefits
  • Ideal for pets suffering from hip dysphasia and arthritis
  • Has removable and machine washable suede cover
  • Available in three colors: Burgundy, Tan and Blue
  • Available in the following sizes: 43 X 30 X 4.5" and 35 X 22 X 4"


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Style Number: CPE-ABD-00004-CONFIG

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