Central Life Sciences Dap (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) Electric Diffuser

Unique Features of Dap (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) Electric Diffuser

  • DAP electric diffuser kit gives off a natural feel-good scent to calm and soothe puppies and adult dogs in uncomfortable situations
  • Natural, safe and effective way to calm pet dogs and puppies to assimilate well in their new environment
  • Relaxes dogs during stressful situations
  • Reduces stress-related behavior problems such as excessive barking, vomiting, pooping and fear-related urination, trembling and salivation caused by anxiety
  • Kit comes with one electric diffuser and one 48ml vial
  • One vial lasts up to 4 weeks
  • Also availabe : Diffuser Refill
  • No adverse effects on humans


Style Number: VPL007-CONFIG

Product Detail: Central Life Sciences Dap (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) Electric Diffuser

Information About Dap (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) Electric Diffuser

DAP or Dog Appeasing Pheromone is a natural and effective treatment for stress-related canine behavioral problems. A new environment, a visit to the vet, grooming, meeting new people, socializing with other dogs, cramped spaces, and loud noises are just some situations that could make an otherwise mild-mannered pet pooch into an irritating mutt.

Puppies and adult dogs under stress often bark excessively and scatter pee, poop and vomit, giving their owners much anxiety and a throbbing headache. Pheromones (similar to chemicals emitted by lactating bitches) calms dogs and evokes the puppy in them to give them a better sense of wellbeing.

The DAP electric diffuser kit spreads these feel-good chemicals in the room to help comfort your stressed puppies and dogs and make them feel right at home.

Dog pheromones do not affect humans. DAP is safe for dogs and humans.

Your DAP electric diffuser kit comes with an electric diffuser and a 48ml DAP vial refill that would fill a room with good canine vibes for 4 weeks. Vial refills are available. Use with DAP collars for best results. Two sizes available; 17-inch collars for small dogs and puppies and 25-inch collar for medium and large dogs. product contains Canine Appeasing Pheromone.

Product Uses

Check that the main voltage is the same as indicated on the device. Do not place underneath or behind furniture. When plugged in, do not touch the device with metal objects. When plugged in, do not touch the device with wet hands.

The electric device should only be used with this D.A.P.diffuser formulation. Use of another substance may increase the toxicity or flammability of the product. The surfaces of the device reach high temperatures to encourage evaporation of active ingredients - these surfaces should not be touched during use of the product.

Directions for Use

Place the D.A.P.Diffuser in the room most used by the dog during the day. Coverage Area: 500-650 sq. ft.

One vial lasts approximately four weeks.

Duration of use may be adapted according to the recommendations of your veterinarian.

Warnings, Side Effects and Drug Interactions

Do not cover.

During and immediately after use, do not touch the device with your hands.

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