Bio Spot Spot On for Cats

  • Kills fleas, deer ticks, flea larvae and mosquitoes.
  • Contains a natural conditioner for a healthy coat.
  • easy to load and apply.


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Style Number: CLS009-CONFIG

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The first alternative for cats - a GREAT product!
Aug 16, 2011

The first reliable product I've seen for cats outside of the "high-end" (read high price!) products currently available from most veterinarians and similar sources. This stuff works, it's reasonably priced, and Petshed's service to any point on the globe is unsurpassed for any online pet medication supplier I've ever seen. (a five year customer, at the time I wrote this) I've used BioSpot for all my dogs for years, and finally - available for cats. My life is complete, and my pets are happy and cared for. What else could you ask for?

Product worked well
Jun 27, 2011

This product worked well; i.e. the fleas are gone. My indoor cat always tries to lick off the flea meds, so he did that, but no worse than usual. No funny behavior, no problems, he is not scratching and I am not finding fleas in my bed. Thanks, Ellen

BioSpot concern
Jun 21, 2011

My cat's 1st application resulted in 3 days of behavior which made me wonder about skin irritation: he tried twisting his head around to lick; he repeatedly used his hind paws to reach up and scratch himself - thank goodness he is declawed. I also noted that his fur stayed oily and stiff for over a week. Made me nervous about petting him. I made a point of washing my hands repeatedly. The product which we used last year did none of this Separately the applicator tip did not 'snap off' as I had expected it would. I had to cut it off. I will apply the 2nd month, watch and then we shall see.

Would Not Recommend
Apr 12, 2011

I would not recommend using this product. First, it made my cats hair fall out in clumps in the area it was applied. There's WAY too much product in each application. I applied it at the base of the head like I did with the Frontline but it soaked his fur almost all the way down his neck. He could almost lick it to get it off him. I had this happen once before when I tried to use Hartz flea medication because I was trying to save money, but the same thing happened. I'll be purchasing Frontline from now on.

Mar 25, 2011

Works great for fleas and ticks. Seems to be waterproof