Aristopet Stop-Itch Shampoo

Unique Features of Stop-Itch Iodine Antiseptic Lotion:

  • Broad-spectrum antiseptic skin treatment for dogs, cats and horses
  • Active Ingredient: 15g/L Povidone-Iodine, 6g/L Iodophor (equivalent to 0.75% available Iodine)
  • Helps treat eczema, non-specific dermatoses, and fungal infections, including ringworm (Microsporum spp and Trichophyton spp) in canines, felines and equines
  • Also aids in the treatment of Queensland Itch (also known as Allergic Dermatitis or Summer Itch), saddle acne, girth itch and greasy heel in horses
  • May also be used as emergency treatment for lacerations, wire cuts, burns, abrasions and other superficial animal wounds on cats, dog and horses
  • Available in a 250mL bottle
  • Not for use on kittens under 12 weeks of age


Style Number: AA115-CONFIG

Product Detail: Aristopet Stop-Itch Shampoo

Information about Stop-Itch Iodine Antiseptic Lotion:

Stop-Itch Iodine Antiseptic Lotion is all you need for the treatment of skin conditions in your dog and cat pets. Use Stop-Itch Iodine Antiseptic Lotion for the treatment of eczema, non-specific dermatoses and fungal infections in canines, felines and equines.

To prevent the spread of skin infection on your pet, you can even use Stop-Itch Iodine Antiseptic Lotion as a shampoo. It can also be used for lacerations, wire cuts, burns, abrasions and other superficial wounds on your dogs, cats or horses.

Dosage and Administration:

As soon as symptoms appear, infected animals should be thoroughly washed to stop the spread of infection.

Dilute one part of Stop-Itch into 20 parts of warm water, and rub well into your pet's coat. Allow the foam to remain for at least five minutes. Rinse, dry, then liberally apply undiluted Stop-Itch to infected and surrounding areas.

Skin Diseases: Clean the affected area with a solution of one part Stop-Itch to 20 parts warm water. Towel dry, then liberally apply undiluted Stop-Itch to the affected area. Repeat daily for three to four days, or until condition improves.

Wounds: For emergency treatment of lacerations, wire cuts, burns, abrasions and other superficial pet wounds, dab the area with cotton wool or gauze soaked with undiluted Stop-Itch. Repeat daily for three to four days, or until healing is well underway.

Greasy Heal in Horses: Most importantly, remove scabs that are indicative of infected heels. Using a solution of 1 part of Stop-Itch to 20 parts warm water, rub vigorously to soften and remove scabs. Thoroughly dry and rub undiluted Stop-Itch into affected areas twice daily until heels are completely free of infection.

For horses that have been in contact with, or have used the same equipment, as an infected horse, and dogs in kennels, should also be thoroughly treated with diluted Stop-Itch daily until the infection is cleared from the stable or kennel.

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stop itch
Dec 01, 2011

My yellow lab Angel is only going to be 8 yrs old in feb. and has all the problems of a well aged dog. She has diabetes and has to take insulin 2 times a day, she has ear problems that require special medication and she has a bad hip and also has very bad skin allergies. The vet had her on some antibiotics for the belly skin but it didn't work. Angels belly area was turning black and she was always licking away. I bought some aristapet stop itch and it seems to be turning her skin back to normal and she has stopped licking the area. Thanks pet shed for another fantastic product.