Aristopet Stop Chew Spray

Information about Stop Chew Spray:

Stop Chew Spray is a non-toxic training aid to stop your dog from chewing, gnawing or licking furniture, fur, bandages and other personal stuff. Its extremely bitter taste quickly discourages undesirable chewing habits. Stop Chew Spray is made with low toxicity formulation so its safe to use on your canine pets.

Dog chewing is all but natural. Dogs chew to know what something feels like or tastes like. But oftentimes, the things they like to chew on include our personal stuff. You don?t need to wage a war against your pet. All you need is Stop Chew Spray. It contains Denatium Benzoate, a bitter compound used as an aversive agent. Stop Chew Spray will help you train your canine?s chewing behavior without having to enforce punishment.

Unique features of Stop Chew Spray:

  • Non-toxic training aid to stop your dog from chewing, gnawing or licking furniture
  • Has an extremely bitter taste that discourages undesirable chewing habits
  • Made with low toxicity formulation
  • Safe to use on your canine pets
  • Helps you train your dog without having to enforce punishment


Lightly spray areas to be treated.



Style Number: PG390-CONFIG

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