Aristopet No-Scratch Spray

Information about No-Scratch Spray:

No-Scratch Spray is a spray formulated to discourage cats from destructive behavior. It contains a blend of essential oils, with a mild odor that is pleasant to humans but obnoxious to feline smell . No-Scratch Spray is used to hep protect curtains, carpets and other furniture from clawing and scratching.

Clawing and scratching are natural instincts for cats and kittens but that doesn?t mean your entire house has to become a scratching post. Apply No-Scratch Spray to protect areas that are off-limits to your pet. It won?t stain or damage your fabrics and furniture and one application can last for about a week. No-Scratch Spray is made with a low toxic, herbal formula. It may be used in conjunction with a scratching post - the real one, not your furniture.

Unique features of No-Scratch Spray:

  • Specially formulated to discourage your cat from clawing and scratching
  • Contains a blend of essential oils
  • With a mild odor that is friendly to humans but repulsive to cats
  • Protects draperies, carpet, furniture
  • Made with a low toxic, herbal formula
  • One application can last for about a week
  • May be used with a scratching post

Directions for use:

Hold the bottle 1/2 ft (15cm) from the area to be treated and spray liberally.



Style Number: CL10-CONFIG

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