Aristopet Milky Heart Treats for Cats
  • Aristopet Milky Heart Treats for Cats

Aristopet Milky Heart Treats for Cats

Information About Milky Heart Treats for Cats

Milky Heart Treats for Cats have been specifically formulated for cats to provide a nutritious readily accepted milk based treat incorporating the essential amino acids Taurine and Arginine commonly deficient in diets of cats. Arginine has a role in helping cats synthesize urea waste produced by the breakdown of protein. Taurine, found almost exclusively in meat, cannot be produced by cats in sufficient quantities to meet their needs, so it must be included in the diet. Taurine is important for healthy functioning of the heart, retina and normal metabolism. Product contians: Taurine, arginine, skim milk powder, brewers yeast, glucose, cellulose, colloidol silica, magnesium stearate

Dosage and Administration

  • Kittens: 1 to 3 treats daily
  • Cats: 3 to 6 treats daily
  • Storebelow 86F (room temperature). Protect from light, reseal after opening.



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