Aristopet Fresh Breath Spray

Unique Features of Fresh Breath Spray:

  • Breath spray formulated especially for dogs
  • Promotes pets oral hygiene
  • Controls bad breath
  • Made from a special non-toxic base
  • Contains natural peppermint oil to rapidly neutralize mouth odors
  • Leaves breath smelling fresh and clean


Style Number: SF05-CONFIG

Product Detail: Aristopet Fresh Breath Spray

Information about Fresh Breath Spray:

You smell something really bad. You look around and you notice your canine companion panting. That horrible smell is coming out from the air your dog breathes out! Stop that doggie bad breath with Fresh Breath Spray!

Fresh Breath Spray is a breath spray formulated especially for dogs. It instantly combats their horrible smelling breath. Made from a special non-toxic base, Fresh Breath Spray contains natural peppermint oil that rapidly neutralizes mouth odors, leaving your canines with a clean and fresh smelling breath.

Now, your dogs bad breath will never get in the way of wanting to be near your pet. Fresh Breath Spray bridges the gap between the owner and the dog. Now, you do not need to veer away when your pooch decides to kiss you, be near you, and breath on your neck.

Directions for Use:

Spray teeth, gums and mouth liberally. Use as often as needed.

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