Advantage Multi for Dogs & Cats

Advantage Multi offers protection against multiple parasites in one easy to administer topical monthly dose so no need to battle with tablets!

Advocate's unique formula prevents heartworm disease in cats and dogs while controlling fleas, roundworms and hookworms and ear mites in both species and whipworms, Sarcoptes and Demodex mites in dogs. Advocate works rapidly to control fleas, killing over 98% of adult fleas within 12 hours of application. Protecting your pet against common parasites has never been easier with this fantastic new product.



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Great Product
Jun 29, 2011

Had a new addition bring ear mites into the house. Was shopping PetShed for the best deal on Flea medications and saw the Advantage Multi. Only slightly more expensive and provided the relief to my cats ears very quickly. Definitely worth the extra coin. Now I have a dog with an ear that bothers him so my next trip to will probably include an order of Advantage Multi for him as well.

Best Purchase Ever
Jun 27, 2011

I ordered the Advocate for Dogs it works great it kills the fleas and she is so restful now no more looking for fleas and sleeps with ease No more fighting to get her to take the pill for the heart worms. The price is great. Will order again Cali gives you a high Paw Five

Amazing Product
Jun 21, 2011

Sadly to say I had not been giving my two cats any flea protection for some months. They were not very happy and scratched and chewed until I got my act together and researched what to give them. The Advantage Multi was the choice and has turned out to be the best product I have ever used on these cats. Not only are the fleas gone (they were gone immediately), the flea sores are all healed and also no ear mites, all this in less than a week! And you can't beat the price. Pet Shed has the best prices on these pricey medications. Happy Cats, Happy Mom.

May 23, 2011

I found this after comparing several types of spot-on flea preparations. Since it covered so many more problems, I purchased it. I have 4 cats so I need to have efficient, quick control of possible infestations. It is very easy to use and my cats are so happy! I will definitely use it again and purchase from PetShed since they have the best prices, even when I'm ordering from the US!

Great Buy with Many Possibilitites
Apr 18, 2011

I used to use revolution, but when I found that advantage multi covered Demodex I immediately purchaces, because my dog suffers from generalized demodectic mange. We have used for a month now but it says to use it for a few months to see improvement. It also covers sarcoptic mange almost immediately. With all of the things it covers, it is worth the extra dollars. Application was very easy...and she had no reaction to it whatsoever and that is great because she is very sensitive.