Advantage Multi for Dogs & Cats

Advantage Multi offers protection against multiple parasites in one easy to administer topical monthly dose so no need to battle with tablets!

Advocate's unique formula prevents heartworm disease in cats and dogs while controlling fleas, roundworms and hookworms and ear mites in both species and whipworms, Sarcoptes and Demodex mites in dogs. Advocate works rapidly to control fleas, killing over 98% of adult fleas within 12 hours of application. Protecting your pet against common parasites has never been easier with this fantastic new product.



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Aug 15, 2011

I love Advantage! I have been using it on my cats for years with great results. Regarding the previous review, I had a similar experience with Frontline, in that my cats got fleas right away when I started using it. Per the vet, this happens occasionally with some cats. They don't know why, but it's safe to stay that I will stick with Advantage from now on!

Great Product...Great Service!
Aug 15, 2011

This product is the perfect all in one solution. We have terrible neighbors who neglect their dogs. This means our dogs are right next door and would be vulnerable to the pests and diseases the neighbors dogs carry. This combined with regular shots gives us the piece of mind to know our little pups are safe. The service from Petshed is excellent. Cheap, expeditious shipping. Never a problem when ordering from!

still have fleas
Jul 22, 2011

I used the product as directed on my14# dog and still had fleas -which she had just picked up 3 weeks later. I changed to Frontline and fleas disappeared

Excellent Product
Jul 16, 2011

In the past I have used some other "on-the-back" flea products. They have always irritated my dogs and they would run the second they heard the packaging. This product doesn't seem to bother them at all, and on top of that it works great at keeping the fleas AWAY! I love it!

great product great comp
Jul 03, 2011

Great product great price great company! Easy to use and protects against so many things. No messing with a bunch of pills.