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Why Choose A Dog Harness For Your Pet?

Over the last few years it has become increasingly common for dog owners to choose a dog harness for their pets. This simple to use pet accessory is an excellent alternative to using a traditional dog leash with a collar, and is well worth considering for your canine companion. There are a number of reasons that dog-owners are turning to the dog harness instead of the usual collar and leash combo. These include the fact that a dog harness is more comfortable and offers the owner greater level of control and safety when talking walks.

Many doggy health care specialists and veterinarians have stated that collars can pose health risks to any dog that has a tendency to pull and small breeds which have more delicate body types. Using a dog harness helps to distribute the weight and force more evenly than a collar and helps to stop the dog from pulling on his dog leash. This also reduce the possibility of neck injuries and choking. A dog harness will also prevent your dog from slipping his or her collar, an essential when your walks take you through busy streets and other zones where pets cannot run free. You can also fix dog id tags to your pet's harness to that you can be reunited quickly and easily should your pet decide to go for walkies without your permission!

Different Types of Dog Harness

There are many different types of dog harness available which means that you can choose according to your dog's needs and your preferences for color, textile and design. The main types of dog harness are the Roman harness, adjustable harness , H-harness and step-in harness.

Roman style dog harnesses and H-harnesses are very similar, with collar and waistbands which provide a secure and balanced fit. Adjustable harnesses are helpful for getting a perfect fit, and a good option if you have a growing pup and need to accommodate his or her changed size! Step-in harnesses are so called because the dog steps into the leg openings and the harness it closed behind his back and so can be put on or removed easily. You will also find dog clothes which have a built in harness a fun choice for small breeds such as the Chihuahuas or Yorkshire Terrier, which may need an extra layer to stay warm.

Tips For Choosing the Right Dog Harness For Your Pet

Whether you are buying a first harness for your puppy or looking for a trendy replacement harness for your dog, getting the size and fit right is a priority. Use a fabric measuring tape and follow the manufacturer's sizing guide closely to ensure that your pet will not be restricted by the new dog harness, nor will it be too loose allowing him or her to slip out.